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InnTre Kjeldstad operates across Trøndelag county, from Støren in the south to Steinkjer in the north. We have more than 100 years’ experience of timber production and processing. 

Why choose us? 

All our products are crafted from local timber and treated and processed with respect and knowledge of the raw material. Our experience goes back generations, and we are proud to be able to offer first-class building materials made from local Trøndelag forests. Our priorities are sustainability, development and optimal exploitation of raw materials.  


Inntre Kjeldstad 

By joining forces, we have been able to draw on the expertise and experience that the three sawmills have acquired over the years, allowing us to produce the very best building materials and timbers. This expertise and experience has resulted in top quality modern building materials fit for today’s building standards. We continue to evolve and will go on developing products for today’s and tomorrow’s building techniques.  



Our history

InnTre AS was established in 1999 following the merger of three sawmills with long-standing traditions. Innbryn Sagbruk & Høvleri in Snåsa, Kirknesvaag Sagbruk & Høvleri in Steinkjer and Trones Bruk in Verdal became InnTre AS. InnTre’s head office is currently in Steinkjer. 



Our operation in Selbu began in 1918 when Ingebrigt Kjeldstad and his brother-in-law Nils Fuglem started a co-operative. Ingebrigt became the sole owner in 1921. The business expanded with the opening of the current site in Borsethmoen in 1933.  

The second generation took over the business in around 1960 and the third generation in 1987. The fourth generation took charge in 2003, with the number of shareholders rising to 16. In 2010 the company was sold to InnTre Holding AS (51%) and what was then MajaTeknobygg AS (49%). Four years later InnTre Holding AS assumed full control of the company with 100% of the shares following an extensive restructuring process. The aim was to ensure the profitability of the business and to focus on its core operations. 

 Kjeldstad has branches in Støren and Levanger as well as a manufacturing plant and headquarters in Selbu. 

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